About AOTrauma

AOTrauma is an international community of trauma and orthopedic surgeons, musculoskeletal researchers, and operating room personnel (ORP) dedicated to delivering knowledge, experience, and evidence to improve patient care and outcomes in the field of musculoskeletal trauma.

In 2008, the AO Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary with the creation of AOTrauma. Guided by the AOTrauma International Board, it continues to uphold the long established and successful history of the AO Foundation. AOTrauma provides clear direction and generates and distributes knowledge through research and education programs. The organization educates and facilitates open dialogue to encourage innovation, and influences trauma and orthopedic surgery.

Through its independence, quality content, remarkable faculty, and access to network resources, AOTrauma leads the way as the largest independent trauma community, enriched with knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes.

​​Value statements

AOTrauma has condensed the overall intention of its endeavors into these three points:

  • Strive for excellence in trauma care
  • Empower the next generation
  • Earn trust through transparency and mutual respect


AOTrauma embraces regionalization of its activities. Through its five regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America), and guided by its International Board, activities in education, research and community development are leveraged.


Created in 2008, AOTrauma is the largest clinical division within the AO Foundation. Learn more about the AOTrauma history.



Read about AOTrauma's governance structure, which is led by the AOTrauma International Board.​​


Get to know the AOTrauma staff team, who monitors and ensures implementation of AOTrauma activities at the international and regional level.


Read what our members say about AOTrauma and find out why so many trauma specialists choose to be a part of the global AOTrauma network.


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