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AOTrauma fosters self-directed regional and national teams to run their own educational, research, and community development activities. It is an organization that creates leadership opportunities for senior trauma surgeons while nurturing opportunities for younger future leaders.

The AOTrauma International Board (AOTIB) is the governing body of AOTrauma. AOTIB consists of two groups: Executive members responsible for the AOTrauma Commissions and Regional Chairpersons responsible for the AOTrauma Regional Boards.

AOTrauma Global Commissions

The Global Commissions (Education, Research and Community Development) operate globally, but have no direct authority within a region. They aim to share expertise and leverage resources across the regions: ideally to help define, integrate, and implement coherent policies for the general good of the organization.

AOTrauma Regional Boards

AOTrauma International consists of five regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America. Each region has a Regional Board with its own budget and is fully responsible for all of the region’s actions and activities.

AOTrauma Country Councils

Within certain regions, the Regional Boards operate an integrated network of AOTrauma Country Chapters, led by Country Councils.

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