AOTrauma Management

Tobias Hüttl
Executive Director​

Marilena Rachel Bonetti
Executive Assistant

Fabienne Ann Heim-Jenny Administrative & Accounting Assistant



AOTrauma Education

Michael Redies
Education Manager​
Bettina Bolliger
Project Manager AO Davos Courses
​​Anna Dönz
ORP Administration
Claudia Güntensperger  
Course organization
Jana Kamber  
Project Coordinator Davos Courses
​​​Silvia Liebing Fellowships
Kathrin Lüssi
Senior Project Manager Educational Projects

Barbara Niederee
Curriculum implementation

​​Erna Perren Project Coordinator Davos Courses

Esther Segessenmann AOTEC coordination

Marlene Sieber Course administration

Marc Stal
Project Manager Global Educational Events 

​​Anja Sutter 
Project Manager Educational Events

Iris Tobler
Project Coordinator Fellowships
Isabel van Rie Richards
ORP Program development

AOTrauma Research 

Research Manager​

Linda Andrea Vasquez Andrade 
Global Research Coordinator

AOTrauma Community Development  

Community Development Manager​

Rilana Büsching
Community Development Project Coordinator

Project Manager Communications
Jakub Wilkos 
Project Manager Membership & Marketing


AOTrauma Asia Pacific  

Regional Director AOTAP
Beatrice Mak
Senior Project Manager
Jennifer Hung
Project Manager
Cathy Yuen
Project Assistant

AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa

Christoph Volz 
Regional Director AOTrauma Europe & Southern Africa


Felix Alonso
Project Manager Education

Nicola Bauer
Project Assistant AOTrauma Europe & Southern Africa

Bettina Bolliger
Project Manager European Masters Courses

George Clay Senior Project Manager Education

​​Larissa Welti
Project Manager Faculty, Community Development and Research


AOTrauma Latin America

Regional Director AOTLA
Juan Alzate
Education Coordinator

Nohelia Laiton Reyes
Accounting Assistant

Luz Angela Pardo Barrero
Education Coordinator

Maritza Virgüez Ortiz
Education Coordinator


AOTrauma Middle East and Northern Africa

Regional Director Middle East​
Maria Berni
Project Assistant AOTrauma Middle East & Northern Africa
Elena Gutierrez Senior Education
Project Manager
Middle East
Linda Andrea Vasquez Andrade 
Regional Coordinator AOTrauma Middle East & Northern Africa 

AOTrauma North America

Executive Director

Andrea McClimon
Regional Director

Kelly McCormick
Programs Coordinator (Fellowships and Research)
Lucy O'Hara
Education Development Manager

Kathy Sampson
Digital Marketing Manager


Chitra Subramaniam 
Chief Learning Officer (Education)