AOTrauma Management

Tobias Hüttl
Executive Director​

Fabienne Ann Heim-Jenny Administrative & Accounting Assistant

Samuel Menzi Project Coordinator Administration & Accounting


AOTrauma Education

Michael Redies
Education Manager​
Christine Baumann
Project Assistant Fellowships
Bettina Bolliger
Project Manager AO Davos Courses
​​Anna Dönz
ORP Administration
Claudia Güntensperger  
Course organization
Jana Kamber  
Project Coordinator Davos Courses
Silvia Liebing Fellowships Kathrin Lüssi
Senior Project Manager Educational Projects

Barbara Niederee
Curriculum implementation

​​Erna Perren Project Coordinator Davos Courses

Esther Segessenmann AOTEC coordination

Marlene Sieber Course administration

Marc Stal
Project Manager Global Educational Events 

​​Anja Sutter 
Project Manager Educational Events

Iris Tobler
Project Coordinator Fellowships
Isabel van Rie Richards
ORP Program development

AOTrauma Research 

Research Manager​
​Johanna Gähler
Project Assistant Global Research


AOTrauma Community Development  

Community Development Manager​

Rilana Büsching
Community Development Project Assistant

Project Manager Communications
Efstathia (Kia) Megas 
Project Manager Membership & Marketing


AOTrauma Asia Pacific  

Regional Director AOTAP
Beatrice Mak
Senior Project Manager
Jennifer Hung
Project Manager
Cathy Yuen
Project Assistant

AOTrauma Europe

Christoph Volz 
Regional Director AOTrauma Europe & Southern Africa


Bettina Bolliger
Project Manager European Masters Courses

George Clay Senior Project Manager Education

​​Larissa Welti
Project Manager Faculty, Community Development and Research

Felix Alonso
Project Manager Education

Victor van der Have
Team Assistant AOTrauma Europe & Southern Africa


AOTrauma Latin America

Regional Director AOTLA
Juan Alzate
Education Coordinator

Nohelia Laiton Reyes
Accounting Assistant

Luz Angela Pardo Barrero
Education Coordinator




AOTrauma Middle East 

Regional Director Middle East​
Elena Gutierrez Senior Education
Project Manager
Middle East
Johanna Gähler
Project Assistant Middle East

AOTrauma North America

Regional Director AOTNA​
Paul Benjamin Education Development Manager
Melissa D'Archangelo
Marketing Communications and Extramural Programs​
Lucy O'Hara
Education Development Manager

Andrea McClimon
Physician CME