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What people say about: AOTrauma Family

AOTrauma is by far the most exciting network of orthopedic trauma surgeons around the world. Here one can share ideas, concepts, problems and solutions.”

Mauricio Kfuri, Brazil

AOTrauma is an organization that gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge, career on a local, regional and global level. Nowhere in the field of trauma will you find another group, community or society with such an expertise, knowledge and openness to incoming new and young surgeons.”
Klaus Dresing, Germany

AOTrauma provided me the opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world. The acquaintance which started with a meeting with colleagues has matured into very strong friendships.”

 Muhammad Wajid, Pakistan

The current strength of AOTrauma is its unique position as a world class leader in trauma and musculo-skeletal education. In conjunction with the AO Foundation AOTrauma continues to have a positive impact on surgeons to ultimately deliver better patient care and outcomes, being the focus for the future.” 

 Claude Martin jr., Switzerland
I appreciate AOTrauma so much for offering great opportunities to get to know the top level orthopedic trauma surgeons in the world by accessing the AOTrauma member network, furthermore, to establish the friendship and to share the experiences with each other.”
 Liu Fan, China