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What people say about: Courses

Attending an AOTrauma Course, is always a great experience due to the format of the courses, the preparation and selection of the faculty and the will of faculty and participants to exchange knowledge and skills in order to improve patient care. Based on mutual respect and friendship every course gives the opportunity to enlarge your network.”

Peter Brink, Netherlands

The reason for attending an AOTrauma course was my desire to learn how trauma and orthopedic surgery is performed at high standards by the people who actually did the research, in order to improve the existing techniques and develop new ones.”

Arakaki, Brazil

At the AOTrauma course you can listen and think, ask and discuss, see, learn and do. This opens the door of opportunity for you and improves chances for patients.”

 Vajara Phiphobmongkol, Thailand

I believe the courses met my expectations and gave me the basic and advanced knowledge of the vast majority of the orthopedic trauma. I understood mistakes that we make during the daily practice in our department, and learned how to avoid them. I found very helpful the lectures, but mostly the case discussions.” 

Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, Greece

For me AOTrauma courses are all about building experience in trauma care. I appreciate the opportunity to improve my surgical skills and meet colleagues from different parts of the world. This educational experience will guide me in my future carrier as a trauma surgeon. I can only recommend the courses to everybody who wants to improve the treatment for the trauma patients.”
 Willem-Jan Metsemakers, Belgium