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What people say about: Davos courses

Through the years the AO courses in Davos have proven to be the essential source of education for the surgical care of musculoskeletal injuries and disease. One whole week devoted exclusively to the complexities of fracture care in its minutest detail is an opportunity in any surgeon's educational endeavors. Immersed in an atmosphere of world class clinical expertise and critical scientific query, learners and teachers alike will benefit from the unique patient centered teachings found in the AO courses.”

Pierre Hoffmeyer, Switzerland

My Davos experience reinforced the impact of the AO Foundation—the tradition, the principles, the educational concepts, and its evolution into a global program. While the lectures were outstanding, the small group discussion and practical sessions were invaluable in allowing the sharing of concepts and challenging cases among participants and receiving feedback from leaders in the field.” 
Jeffrey Bair, USA

I was nominated and selected to attend the Davos Courses. I found this a unique experience of networking with, and learning from orthopedic surgeons from all over the world. The experiences at Davos—and through my fellowship—have broadened my training, and shown me the global impact of the AO Foundation on orthopedic trauma care.”

 Gerard Slobogean, Canada

​I was deeply impressed with the professionalism and organization of the course I attended in Davos. The lectures were well constructed, clear and comprehensive. The saw bone sessions reinforced correct principles and biomechanics. I highly recommend the course as an excellent way to refresh key principles and expand learning. In addition I specifically appreciated exposure to new techniques and treatment options.”

Jacques de Wet, South Africa