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What people say about: Faculty

Teaching 15 faculty in only one Faculty Education Program means influencing the treatment of 15,000 million patients; or an equivalent of 7.5 million working years. This is the significant impact that makes change happen; this is why I love teaching.”

Mahmoun Kremli, Saudi Arabia

It is a privilege to teach and share knowledge and experiences through AOTrauma; I enjoy the opportunity to pay forward the kindness and help given to me by my previous AO teachers.”
 Michael Miranda, USA

Being an AO Faculty gives you the opportunity to improve persons, if you not only teach, but inspire the next generation to become better than us, then we can move orthopedic trauma further. It is our duty not to create followers but to develop the leaders of the future in orthopedic trauma.”

 Rodrigo Pesantez, Colombia

One can be the most knowledgeable and best surgeon in the world, but he can, at any single time, only attend to one patient. If he teaches 20 students and these 20 each go on to teach another 20, then hundreds of patients will benefit.” 

Keen-Wai Chong, Singapore

AOTrauma has given me that chance to develop as a teacher and to be able to take that home to my own program to be a better teacher for my own institution. Beyond being fantastic personal continuing medical education, it pushes you as an individual to be a good teacher.”
 Richard Buckley, Canada