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What people say about: Fellowships

My AOTrauma fellowship was a fantastic opportunity to work with such experts in the trauma and orthopaedic community and a true inspiration. To be part of the “MGH-way” in Boston was a tremendous experience which will inspire and encourage me as a person and surgeon for the rest of my professional career, to achieve and provide the highest possible standard of care under the given circumstances.”

Jan Herzog, Germany

During my AOTrauma fellowship I had the opportunity to see approximately 80 different surgical procedures in the hands of well experienced trauma surgeons. I learned various tricks and tips in trauma surgery from experts really interested in teaching and explaining all procedures and techniques to me.”
 Miroslav Kilian, Slovakia

I would like to encourage every young surgeon to participate in the AOTrauma fellowship program. It offers the chance to observe some of the best surgeons and visit some of the most recognized academic institutions on all continents. As innovations in surgery arise at a tremendous speed, it is a great possibility to reflect one`s own decision making, surgical performance and complications handling.”

 Markus Loibl, Germany

The AOTrauma fellowship exposed me to up-to-date concepts, taught me great philosophy and provided me with an awesome learning experience.  Further I enjoyed the opportunity to learn abroad and get to know new ways of thinking. Professionally, it stepped up in my curriculum vitae and academically it was a great opportunity to learn from expert surgeons.” 

Ronaldo Arakaki, Brazil

My biggest achievement was actually seeing the masters in the operation room. Patients preparation, surgical planning, radiologic assessment, skin incisions and soft tissue handling can only be taught in the real surgical field, not in Powerpoint presentations.”
 Rami Saleh, Jordan