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What people say about: Member privileges

All the AOTrauma member privileges I receive help me to support my decisions in regards to patient treatment. Journals, videos, images are crucial when I am planning the next day journey, but the best thing is to know I have hundreds of friends to discuss and receive advice from.”

Juan Manuel Concha Sandoval, Colombia

As one of the tangible privileges of AOTrauma membership is the AO Surgery Reference, which structures knowledge for quick online reference in my daily clinical life from diagnosis to aftercare, which is constantly being updated with hundreds of surgical procedures, approaches and is a great asset to surgical decision making.”
 Liu Fan, China

AOTrauma member privileges: Previously through my computer, now in my pocket "mobile", with me in office & operating room; have really influenced my profession & academic development.”

 Waleed A Abdul Wahid, Iraq

AOTrauma privileges play an important role in my daily practice. The Injury Journal helps me with staying up to date with modern trauma-related trends. I found Primal Pictures 3D anatomy app the most important tool among the membership privileges as it helps me plan procedures and also it is useful in explaining the procedure to the patient.” 

Andrzej Kubiak, Poland

I benefit from being an AOTrauma member on so many different levels! I participate quite frequently in free high-quality AOTrauma webinars and I have access to great online resources! AOTrauma is a great organization with multiple membership privileges!”
 Pierre Navarre, Australia