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What people say about: Membership

The AOTrauma membership not only provides additional features and new opportunities to our many existing contributors, but is a great attraction to the next generation of orthopedic trauma surgeons. We embrace both established members and new talent, who will undoubtedly wish to adopt the principles and philosophy of our esteemed organization.”

Michael Wagner, Austria

Joining AOTrauma has helped me feel connected to the larger community of orthopedic trauma specialists. I feel blessed to have a job that I love and be part of a community of other professionals who feel the same was and are committed to excellence.”
 David Rovinsky, USA

My AOTrauma membership not only linked me to musculo-skeletal trauma surgeons around the globe, but it also provided me a unique way of using various tools to learn, discuss and teach evidence based principles of fracture and complication management simply through a few clicks!”

 Murtuza Q. Choudhury, Bangladesh

Being a member you will get access to an outstanding didactic material and, most important, you will be in touch with a community of enthusiastic surgeons.” 

Mauricio Kfuri, Brazil

My membership allows me to get the scientific update I need to manage my patients. As a member I obtain peer and patient recognition and I feel proud to state that I am an AOTrauma member.”

Rodrigo Bolaños, Guatemala