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What people say about: Research

Being an orthopaedic surgeon and lecturer, one has to balance between clinical work, research and teaching. My interest is in biomechanics and the 6 month fellowship with the AO institute’s biomedical services unit has been of tremendous help in setting my own lab back home as well as having someone to discuss matters of research with. Thank you ARI!”

Rukmanikanthan Shanmugam, Malaysia

Research is the foundation for advancement in the field of medicine. With research, we have hope of solving presently insoluble problems. AOTrauma is a great supporter of research and by doing so has greatly improved the quality of care that surgeons can deliver to their patients.”
 Stephen L. Kates, USA

Thank you AOTrauma! My medical research fellowship at the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) was a great experience and has continued to influence  my  career path ever since. Participating in fascinating research projects and meeting surgeons and researchers from all over the world has given me great enthusiasm for clinic-focussed research and a wide professional network that I may otherwise have never experienced. I was given the opportunity to participate in the AOTrauma Clinical Priority Program on Bone Infection and to maintain and even expand a fruitful collaboration between my hospital and AOTrauma and ARI.”

 Mario Morgenstern, Germany

The six months that I spent doing research at the AO Research Institute gave me an excellent platform to begin my career as an Academic Orthopaedic Surgeon in the USA. Working alongside a multidisciplinary team and experts in various fields from around the world, broadened my understanding of the orthopaedic research community. With these foundations, I am able to pursue future research projects and collaborations.” 
Michael Blankstein, USA