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AOTrauma membership is reserved exclusively for musculoskeletal trauma professionals who have already demonstrated their participation in, and an understanding of, AO principles and philosophy. 


AOTrauma members must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Must be a musculoskeletal trauma professional
  • MD/DO must have attended an AOTrauma Principles course
  • ORP/Nurses must have attended an AOTrauma course for ORP
  • Researchers must be involved in musculoskeletal-related research activity

Membership fees

​Membership ​Membership Plus
​1 year ​100 CHF ​190 CHF
​2 years ​180 CHF ​340 CHF

Registered user (Join our community)

If you do not fulfill the prerequisites to become a member, AOTrauma offers you the opportunity to sign up and register with us by creating a unique profile that will give you access to the latest news from the world of AOTrauma. Become part of the AOTrauma community to receive education content, latest news on AOTrauma's most innovative tools, all with the goal of supporting your learning and development.

Your Membership package

As an AOTrauma Member, you will receive a welcome letter containing your personal membership card and certificate. By showing your card at courses or congresses, you will benefit from special member discounts and gain access to member-exclusive events. Please make sure your AOTrauma profile, including your shipping address, is up-to-date to ensure that the package reaches you.

Payment options

AOTrauma offers its members a variety of payment options:

  1. Online credit card payment: Log into your AOTrauma profile, choose to become a member/renew your AOTrauma membership and be directed through a simple payment guide.
  2. Bank transfer: Select "Offline Payment" to have an invoice sent to your email address and pay your membership by bank transfer. Once your membership fee is received, your membership will be upgraded/renewed by our membership team.
  3. Let us process your credit card for you: Complete and email us your credit card details in the downloadable payment form on our website and send it to: for processing.


AOTrauma offers its sponsors, industrial partners and other stakeholders an alternative way of paying membership fees, for a large number of trauma and orthopedic surgeons or nurses, by issuing non-personalized voucher codes for further distribution. Request membership voucher or download the voucher activation guide in case you have received a voucher here.