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As an AOTrauma Member you have exclusive access to a broad range of valuable benefits, which are aimed at accelerating your learning, assisting you in your daily clinical practice and helping you to continuously improve patient care.


Access our unique clinical research platform, with a collection of resources, reference documents, and learning modules.

Members only: Access AOPEER

​Case Forum

The CaseForum provides our members with a great opportunity for extensive knowledge sharing by online case discussion with fellow members in privately created groups.
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Case Library

Access the growing repository of well documented and reviewed cases. Search and download cases to support your teaching and learning efforts, or submit your own case.

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Educational Videos

Advance your knowledge using a variety of multimedia teaching and learning materials accessible to AOTrauma members. Benefit from a wide selection of online educational videos, recorded course lectures and webinar recordings.

Members only: Watch educational videos and webinar recordings

​Fellowship Opportunities

AOTrauma offers its Members to apply for over 250 fellowships annually. These Fellowships provide additional experience in AO techniques for fully trained orthopedic trauma surgeons.

Free e-books and book discounts

Gain access to the exceptional variety of free e-books and a 20% discount applicable to all published AOTrauma books and e-books.
Current free e-book offering:
  • Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) in Children
  • Manual of Fracture Management—Hand and Wrist
  • Manual of Soft-Tissue Management
  • Periprosthetic Fracture Management

​Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation Journal

AOTrauma members can now enjoy a 25% discount on the Article Processing Charge (APC) for submissions to the journal. Make sure to include your AOTrauma member status in your cover letter.

​Injury Journal

Available from 2019

3D Human Anatomy Software

Primal Pictures offers the most complete, detailed and accurate 3D model of human anatomy designs for the use of trauma and orthopedic specialists for learning or teaching purposes (flyer):
  • Helps to visualize, comprehend and retain complicated structures
  • Provides with a massive and versatile teaching resource
  • Offers a reference and an image library
  • Is an interactive resource including anatomy images, MRI images, slides, movies and documentation

​Insights Orthopedics

Our free mobile platform (Android and iOS) offers orthopedic and trauma surgeons access to the latest scientific articles, educational courses, as well as industry and product information in one place. AOTrauma members also enjoy access to additional exclusive benefits and services. These include the new, mobile AOTrauma Member Directory and a selection of journals. 

Journal of Perioperative Practice

JPP contains a wealth of information and regular features focusing on peri-operative practice, targeting the ORP. An open learning zone allows you to present any clinical problems or situations from your OR facilitating knowledge sharing and continued improvement of patient care worldwide.
Members only: Read the current JPP

Member Directory

As an AOTrauma member you have exclusive access to the global member directory. This professional network of orthopedic specialists offers you the ability to identify and locate colleagues

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