AOTrauma Asia Pacific

AOTrauma Asia Pacific organizes over 100 education events annually across the region. Some signature events are run on a regular basis.

AOTrauma Asia Pacific

Early beginnings

AO education in the Asia Pacific region has a long history of over 30 years. 

In November 1994, AO East Asia (AOEA) was founded. Suthorn Bavonratanavech (Thailand) became the first Chairman of AOEA, SP Chow (Hong Kong) succeeded him to spearhead the growth of scientific activities within AOEA, and it was the third Chairman, G On Tong (Singapore), who united the region of AO Asia Pacific.

Previously, the country members included: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. In 2003, Japan joined AOEA. China, Australia and New Zealand became part of the region in 2006, and India followed in 2007.

An official inaugural meeting in Hong Kong in April 2007 declared the formation of a new regional body—the AOTrauma Asia Pacific.

At present, AOTAP has 13 country members. Each of these has a Country Council consisting of four to five officers who manage the AOTrauma events and development within their respective country.

13 AOTAP Country Members:​
Australia​ ​Malaysia
China​ New Zealand​
Hong Kong​ Philippines​
India​ Singapore​
Indonesia​ Taiwan​
Japan​ Thailand​

Localizing the global experience

To ensure that AOTrauma reaches each member country within the Asia Pacific region, some countries, such as China and Japan, have created a local website for their members. Visit these local websites at: