The past few years have been marked by change: AOTrauma took a bold step and launched its new global membership format. The membership program was designed to create a stronger and more present network of trauma specialists and collaborators.

On September 1, 2010, the membership program went live, supplying valuable and tangible benefits for AOTrauma members. Legacy memberships, including the AO Alumni Association (AOAA) with its worldwide Country Chapters, Country Sections, Faculties and others, were incorporated into the AOTrauma membership. The existing AO Alumni Chapters were transformed into AOTrauma Chapters. The AO Sections Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and UK are in the process of transformation. On December 2012, the AO Alumni Association was officially dissolved.

Below you can find information on regional and local organizations.

AOTrauma Germany 

AOTrauma Switzerland

AO Netherlands  

AOTrauma Russia

AO Spain

AOTrauma Turkey

AO United Kingdom

Please note that AOTrauma International is not responsible for the content of the local websites. The Country Councils of the respective countries own the websites and are responsible for all information provided.