Since the beginning in the 1960's, education has been an integral element of the AO. AOTrauma continues this tradition and has expanded its educational portfolio to include a variety of educational activities, resources, and community connections. Face-to-face courses remain the mainstay of AOTrauma education, while eLearning has taken an increasingly important role. Fellowships are also an important educational opportunity. To meet your increasingly complex and varied educational needs, the AOTrauma Education Commission has invested heavily into Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, and innovative educational approaches.

On this site, you will find reference tools such as the award-winning AO Surgery Reference, videos, publications, mobile apps as well as a range of online, self-directed education modules and webinars (under Self-directed Learning). In response to your everyday practice challenges and needs, AOTrauma’s Curriculum Development has redefined the sub-specialties, such as "Foot and Ankle", and "Orthogeriatrics". The results have been condensed into educational portfolios. Through these topic-specific portals you can access a quick program overview and all related educational offerings.

Quality education

Developing the highest quality education in order to promote excellence in trauma care became the main goal of the AOTrauma Education Commission (AOTEC)​ after its formation in 2009. To reach this goal, AOTrauma has developed a 4-pillar model, with curriculum development, faculty development, resources and assessment forming the foundations. Read more about how AOTrauma ensures highest quality education.

Global reach

AOTrauma courses attract participants from over 110 countries. Medical professionals can access quality medical education in the field of trauma care no matter where they are based. Yet despite a global reach, AOTrauma is sensitive to regionally specific needs. Regional representatives within the AOTrauma Education Commission address those needs, facilitating customized solutions.

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