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eLearning Modules: Hand and Wrist

eLearning modules that are part of our Educational Program on Hand and Wrist 

Flash is needed for most of the eLearning activities below, so please make sure it is installed on your computer.

You need to be an AOTrauma member to perform the eLearning modules. 

Basic concepts

The biology of bone healing

Author: Klaus Dresing. Editor: Chris Colton.

This eLearning module gives an introduction to the biological processes involved in bone healing, explaining the relevant bony anatomy, the processes of callus healing and of direct bone healing.

Estimated time: 20 min.


Imaging and radiation

C-arm and radiation

Author: Michael Kraus. Editor: Florian Gebhard.

Using state-of-the-art technology, AO Education and AOTrauma present a pioneer product that is unique to the field of orthopedics: an interactive video on C-arm and radiation.

Time: 4 min.