"Visit the Expert" Fellowships

AOTrauma offers a different kind of fellowship for experienced surgeons, the “Visit the Expert” fellowships.

These fellowships are for surgeons who are proficient in their special field of interest and would like to gain additional expertise by working closely with a particular expert for a short period of time. Applicants will describe specific learning objectives in their letter of motivation. These fellowships are designed to be with a master surgeon of the fellow’s choice. 

They do not have to be at an approved AOTrauma Host Center. However, the expert to be visited must be an AO Faculty. The fellow is expected to contact the host BEFORE applying. AOTrauma will support this fellowship for a time period of 2-4 weeks with the regular stipend, but all arrangements have to be made by the fellow.

Selection criteria

  • AOTrauma member
  • Basic Principles & Advanced Principles course
  • Master level, or Specialty course
  • Working knowledge of local language, or of English
  • Letter of motivation
  • Written confirmation by the expert to be visited that they are willing to receive the applicant
  • One letter of recommendation


  • Employed by a teaching hospital

Before applying, please make sure that you have the necessary documents ready for upload (letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, course certificates, etc.).

The online application for AOTrauma Fellowships in 2019 is now closed. 
The application process for the fellowship program 2020 will start on April 29, 2019.