Online Education

Call it e-learning, virtual learning or distance learning—the internet has revolutionized education. Until now, AO Education has been anchored in well-accepted face-to-face courses that incorporate lectures, small group discussions, and hands-on exercises. The AOTrauma Education transformation, directed by the AOTrauma Education Commission (AOTEC), targets the evolving needs of our community. The concept is to design a program of activities and resources that satisfy an educational portfolio for each surgeon group that will meet surgeons’ needs. The strategic shift in delivery includes powerful leveraging of the latest technologies to support a wide range of just-in-time channels, and a wide distribution of live and asynchronous activities to the homes and offices of the trauma community.

AO Surgery Reference

AOTrauma is committed to developing educational offerings that are accessible via mobile devices and online portals. Capitalizing on the unique aspects of this evolving technology requires innovative thinking about the interaction of content, usability, and design. The AO Surgery Reference has proven to respond to these requirements, having been accessed millions of times by now. The tool, originally available via the internet, is also optimized for mobile viewing and can be downloaded as an app on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Since the launch of the mobile versions in 2012, usage has increased rapidly. Now, more surgeons access AO Surgery Reference over their mobile devices than over the internet.

Interactive video formats

Next to the vast repository of traditional teaching videos, AOTrauma now offers more interactive videos. These include lectures that can be navigated by the accompanying slides so that the learner can skip directly to the slides that are of most interest. Also, a video about imaging and radiation that incorporates questions and answers has been launched, allowing the learner to interact with the video rather than passively watch.

AOTrauma offers a wide range of webinars and webcasts that can be accessed by registered participants from anywhere in the world. Webinars allow participant polling, interaction with the moderator, and video within the presentation. In 2013, regional webinars will take place in order to meet regional needs and to further expand the offering within this promising area of online education.

AOTrauma STaRT (Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents)

Aligned with the AOTrauma Residents Education Program, AOTrauma STaRT is built around defined learning objectives and targeted to meet the needs of residents.

The AOTrauma STaRT modules are based on typical patient problems, making it easier for residents to directly apply what they learn to their daily practice. It invites learners to be proactive in identifying their knowledge gaps and offers resources to fill them.

The goal of the learning hub is to:

  • Support self-directed learning
  • Enhance effectiveness of basic AO principles and clinical decision-making
  • Complement formal educational offerings of certifying bodies and teaching hospitals

The three main features include:

  • Interactive case discussions
  • Self-assessment questions
  • A focused overview of AO resources for residents

All content is graded into different levels of knowledge that address the clinical scenarios residents face throughout their residency.

Electronic, interactive publications

All AOTrauma books are also available electronically. Interactive elements add to the experience, allowing the reader to watch relevant videos or search for specific terms within a book.