Online Learning

AOTrauma offers a variety of distance learning opportunities: stand-alone educational modules focusing on specific topics, interactive live webinars or live-surgery webcasts, and blended education in the context of our face-to-face courses and seminars. Users can choose between new approaches to distance education like game-based offerings or interactive video technology.

​​AO/OTA Classification Game

Explore and train in the AO/OTA Classification basics in our resident's game. Enter AO's award winning interactive hospital game and learn the basic skills in classifying fractures by taking over the role of a new resident on call.

​Imaging Insights

Learn about radiation hazards or common mistakes in the use of the C-arm in the OR. These AOTrauma eLearning modules strengthen knowledge and understanding in the area of imaging. One module uses interactive video techniques to teach common mistakes in intraoperative C-arm use—try it out.

eLearning Modules

​Explore the growing collection of our stand-alone online modules. Learn at you own pace accessible 24/7.

Webinars and Webcasts

Interact live with world renowned experts exploring hot topics—view live and archived online webinars and surgery webcasts.

AOTrauma STaRT

Discover the highly interactive learning hub where residents can benefit from the wealth of knowledge provided by the AO Foundation.