AOTrauma members can read OVID journals for free, amongst other benefits. Find out more.

Read about newly developed products in the latest TK Innovations.


Next to books and e-books, AOTrauma offers its members access to a vast variety of journals through the OVID gateway service. These include the Journal of Orthopedic Trauma, Journal of Trauma—Injury Infection and Critical Care, and Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.

In addition, the Injury Journal can be accessed by AOTrauma members for free. Log in to find a complete list of journals offered to AOTrauma members.

The AO Foundation frequently publishes AO Dialogue, which focuses on on activities and reports of AO’s Clinical Divisions, its institutes, regions, and the Socio-Economic Committee. The AOTK (AO Technical Commission) publishes its "TK Innovations" journal once or twice a year, which informs about newly developed products that have been approved by the AOTK.