AOTrauma STaRT goes live

28. June 2014

STaRT (Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents), a new interactive learning hub for orthopedic trauma residents, went live on June 27, 2014.

New modules will be continually
added; relevant topics are selected
by the AOTrauma Education

AOTrauma launched a new interactive learning hub for orthopedic trauma residents on June 27, 2014. Aligned with the AOTrauma Residents Education Program, AOTrauma STaRT (Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents) is built around defined learning objectives and targeted to meet the needs of residents.

The AOTrauma STaRT modules are based on typical patient problems, making it easier for residents to directly apply what they learn to their daily practice. It invites learners to be proactive in identifying their knowledge gaps and offers resources to fill them. The goal of the learning hub is to:

  • Support self-directed learning
  • Enhance effectiveness of basic AO principles and clinical decision-making
  • Complement formal educational offerings of certifying bodies and teaching hospitals

The three main features include:

  • Interactive case discussions
  • Self-assessment questions
  • A focused overview of AO resources for residents

All content is graded into different levels of knowledge that address the clinical scenarios residents face throughout their residency.

Created by surgeons for surgeons

The authors of all AOTrauma STaRT modules are experienced AO faculty from each AOTrauma region who work in teams in order to achieve and maintain an international focus. These authors are also involved in the teaching and training of residents and are committed to providing content that is current and evidence based. The executive editors of AOTrauma STaRT are Kodi Kojima (BR), Fred Baumgaertel (DE), and Wa'el Taha (SA).

AOTrauma STaRT is tailored to residents' needs

In 2011, orthopedic trauma residents and residency program directors took part in a needs assessment to identify key aspects for an online learning tool specifically designed for residents. Based on the results of the needs assessment, AOTrauma and the AO Education Institute developed a highly interactive learning hub where residents can benefit from the wealth of knowledge provided by the AO Foundation.

A pilot study conducted earlier this year with residents from all the AOTrauma regions confirmed the overall concept. The features of: immediate feedback, ability to compare scores with peers, keeping track of learning history, and tips and tricks provided by expert surgeons around the world, scored highly with residents.

The AOTrauma STaRT learning management system allows learners to keep track of their learning progress at any time and is currently available for PC, Mac, and iPad/iPad Mini. A current version of one of the most frequently used browsers is required and pop-ups must be allowed for correct viewing of the content. Registration is quick, easy, and free of charge–log in on your PC, laptop, or iPad. Click here to register and STaRT spreading the news or download the AOTrauma_STaRT_Brochure.pdfbrochure.

One resident praises, "AOTrauma STaRT is a useful tool not only for junior residents, but also for senior/fellows—especially for Netherlands this is a great tool for those trained in general surgery to learn more tips and tricks on orthopedic trauma fractures. AOTrauma wants to hear from you—feedback options have been incorporated into every module.