What Has the Year 2017 Brought Us so Far? An Update from the Heart of AOTrauma

31. August 2017

AOTrauma is driven by highly motivated, volunteer surgeons from all over the world, and supported by dedicated AOTrauma staff members. The organization is continually working to remain the world’s largest independent orthopedic trauma community and organization.

Tobias Hüttl

After hosting the largest Davos Courses flagship ever, 2017 kicked off with Tobias Hüttl taking over as the Executive Director of AOTrauma from Matthias Dunkel.

About Tobias Hüttl

Born and raised in Germany, Hüttl is married with two kids. He started his AO career by joining AOCID as young doctor in 2001. He accompanied the establishment of the clinical divisions, and took over the executive management of AOCMF in 2006, and AOVET in 2009.

AOTrauma strategy

Hüttl’s immediate focus will be on two big and important projects for AOTrauma. Firstly, he will drive the finalization and implementation of the new AOTrauma Strategy. Over the past two years, the existing strategy was completely reviewed, and a new strategy was developed throughout all governing boards and commissions, regions, and operational staff.

        AOTrauma Goals

Five goals and several associated objectives were established. In a key message document, its implementation and communication to all AOTrauma stakeholders has been defined. The strategy encompasses goals and projects from 2017–2019.

Hüttl’s second important project, which will have with implications to AOTrauma operations worldwide, is the implementation of a new finance flow for educational events.

Other points of focus include the new AOTrauma website, which will come in 2018, and the execution of the measures to be taken as a result of the AOTrauma Community Development Review, which was conducted two years ago.

AOTrauma governance and operational staff

The current year saw also significant changes in AOTrauma’s boards and commissions.

At the Trustees Meeting in Miami, the AOTIB Chairmanship was passed on to Kodi Kojima by Jack Wilber. Kojima, who has a renowned AOTrauma history, has served as the AOTrauma Education Commission Chair until now. An interview with Kojima will be published on the AOTrauma website soon.

Also in July, Matej Cimerman took over the lead as the AOTEU Board Chairperson. Muhammad Wajid assumed the role of the AOTME Board Chairperson, and Juan Concha Sandoval became the AOTLAT Board Chairperson. These three new chairpersons also joined the AOTIB as ex-officio members.

Muhammad Wajid

Matej Cimerman

Juan Concha Sandoval

Furthermore, AOTrauma elected the Community Development Commission Chairperson-Elect, Samir Mehta, who will take over duties from Mike Miranda in July 2018. Lastly, Chang Wug Oh is now the AOTAP Chairperson-Elect and will take over from Manyi Wang in July 2018.

At the AO Foundation’s Swiss headquarters and in its regional offices, AOTrauma also welcomed new staff members to the highly committed AOTrauma team.


AOTrauma's mission

In all, AOTrauma is organizing over 400 educational events this year, over 250 AOTrauma Fellowships, and various board and commission meetings. It is also advancing two Clinical Priority Programs (CPPs), networking with around 100,000 community associates worldwide via real-time and digital communication, and is rolling out a vast number of small and big projects from country-level to the international level with success. All of these initiatives fulfill the AOTrauma Mission: improve patient outcomes by delivering excellence in education, leveraging research as innovation driver, and fostering the professional communit