AOTrauma Georgia Celebrates Ten Years of AOTrauma Events in Georgia

12. September 2017

AOTrauma Georgia recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary.

Paata Gudushauri

​AOTrauma Georgia recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. In this interview, AO Trauma Georgia Council Chair Paata Gudushauri shares AOTrauma’s history in the country.

How did AOTrauma Georgia celebrate its ten-year anniversary?

On May 26–27, 2017, the Georgian AOTrauma Council Chapter celebrated its 10th anniversary with an AOTrauma Course Seminar—Treatment of Complicated Articular Fractures with Safe Approaches in Tbilisi, Georgia. This course was led by Rami Mosheiff (IL) and Piet de Boer (CH).

Your efforts brought AOTrauma to Georgia. How did you learn about the organization?

I first heard of the AO Foundation in the late 1990s, and made closer contact during my fellowship in 2003, under the mentorship of Professor SP Chow, who was the AOTrauma Pacific Chairperson that time. I attended my first AOTrauma course in 2005 in Hong Kong, and did a second fellowship in Freiburg under the guidance of Dr Klaus Lowka. Finally, I had the chance to visit Davos. Since then, my goal has been to organize AOTrauma courses in Georgia.

Can you share with us AOTrauma’s first course in the country?

In 2007, Rami Mosheiff (IL), Steven Velkes (IL), Matej Cimmerman (SI), and Endre Varga (HU) conducted the first AOTrauma event in Georgia. This initial event was a great success.

Paata Gudushauri at work

Since then, we have conducted two AO Basic Principles and one AO Advanced Principles courses, and seven seminars in the country. All of these activities were organized by help of Malkhaz Pirpilashvili, co-chair of the Georgian AO Trauma Country Chapter, and Zurab Beruashvili. For these events over the years, outstanding and famous AOTrauma faculty, including Thomas Ruedi, Chris Werken, Rami Mosheiff, Matej Cimmerman, and many, many others visited.

In 2010, Aivar Pintsaar from Estonia and I came up with the idea to organize AOTrauma courses together, and arranged the first sub-regional AOTrauma Course in Tbilisi with Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus.

How has AOTrauma contributed to care in Georgia?

Over the past ten years, a number of Georgian surgeons have had the opportunity to attend AOTrauma Fellowships, AO faculty training and chairperson training courses, and the AOTrauma European Faculty seminar in Davos. All of these events were organized with the help of AOTrauma staff members, including George Clay and Claudio Gubser. As a result, orthopedic surgery in Georgia has significantly developed in the last 10 years.