Call for Application: AOTrauma Asia Pacific Research Grants 2018

11. April 2018

Apply for the AOTrauma Asia Pacific Research Grants 2018 before June 30, 2018.


Funded by AOTrauma Asia Pacific (AOTAP), the AOTAP Research Grants provide one-year, stand-alone seed money to support innovative projects in the Asia Pacific Region dealing with trauma, surgery of the loco motor system, and related basic and clinical research. 

Application prerequisites

  • Application for the AOTAP Research Grants 2018 is open to individual clinicians/researchers and research groups in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • In addition, the applicant or one of the applicants of the research group MUST be an AOTAP committee member or AOTAP faculty. 
  • Application for an extension of funding for a second year is subject to review and will be processed with the other new applications.
  • All applications will be peer reviewed by at least two known experts.

Due to limited financial resources, only a limited number of studies will be approved.

Procedure and important documents

Please read the guidelines attached before completing the application forms.

Download the AOTAP Research Grants 2018_application form.docAOTAP Research Grants 2018 application form and the AOTAP Research Grants 2018_application guidelines.pdfGuidelines.

Download the AOTAP 1-year report template_KKEdit.docAOTAP Research Grants 2018: One Year Report Form.

Please email the completely filled-in forms as an unprotected document/PDF format, to:


Please make sure you apply before June 30, 2018. Decisions will be communicated approximately four months after the deadline.