AOCID Fellowship

Learn how to apply for AOCID clinical research fellowships.

ARI Fellowship

Learn how to apply for ARI medical research fellowships.

AOTESA Stephan Perren Research Fellowship

Learn how to apply for the new Research Traveling Fellowship.

Clinical Fellowship

Find how to apply for Clinical fellowships.

Research Fellowships

Fellowship opportunities exist for physicians and researchers who want to advance their experience within a research setting. Offered through AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID) and the AO Research Institute (ARI), the following fellowships are tailored to present two diverse, yet valuable, learning experiences and are open to AOTrauma affiliated individuals.

AOCID Clinical Research Fellowships

Targeted to surgeons who are looking to gain training and experience in all phases of clinical research this fellowship offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge base on: study planning, monitoring, data analysis, and publication. Consisting of a three month full-time placement at the AOCID in Switzerland, the fellow can expect to learn about Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (GCP) and become competent with a statistical software package.

ARI Medical Research Fellowships

Offered through the AO Research Institute in Switzerland, ARI fellowships provide motivated surgeons with on-site research training to gain experience in R&D projects which focus on clinically relevant problems. While not clinical in nature with no patient interactions, these 12 month fellowships provide insight into how tangible research results are created.

AOTESA Stephan Perren AOTrauma Research Traveling Fellowship

This fellowship offers a deep insight into ongoing musculoskeletal system research. You will get acquainted with research methods and techniques and become part of an international network of researchers and research institutes. With this experience, you gain a clearer view on what domain of research you prefer and where to start or continue your research activities.

Clinical Fellowships

The AOTrauma Clinical Fellowships provide orthopedic and general surgeons with invaluable experience regarding AO principles and techniques. Discover more about the 250 worldwide fellowships offered each year here.