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AOTrauma is the world’s largest global trauma and orthopedic community fostering excellence in the surgical management of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

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Who we are

We are the world's largest specialist community, improving patient care in the field of musculoskeletal trauma.

What we do

Read about our history, the AO Foundation mission, and our key activities in the field of musculoskeletal trauma.


Familiarize yourself with the governance structure of AOTrauma and meet our team.

Our key activities 


AOTrauma education

AOTrauma is committed to improving patient care through high-quality education.

AOTrauma research

Explore funding opportunities, research fields, learning tools, and more.

AOTrauma membership

Explore what AOTrauma membership offers you, expand your network and make friends for life.

AOTrauma by the numbers


More than 450 AOTrauma events worldwide (incl. ORP)


More than 5,000 AOTrauma faculty members


More than 8,500 AOTrauma members


290 granted Fellowships

AOTrauma news

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Kodi Kojima’s thoughts on AOTrauma

“AOTrauma offers you the opportunity to continually enhance your skills and knowledge through our expert education programs.”

Kodi Kojima, AOTrauma International Board Chairperson
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