AO Davos Courses 2018 opens in Congress Center

This year AO Trauma is offering 13 individual courses, several self-directed learning modules and welcomed around 900 participants and over 270 faculty from 77 countries.

03 December 2018

AO Davos Courses 2018 opening Kodi Kojima

The AO Davos Courses 2018 has begun—a formal opening ceremony was held in the Congress Center, Davos to mark the start of the AO Foundation's annual flagship event.

During the opening ceremony, AO Foundation President Robert McGuire gave assembled participants and guests an insight into the AO's history, and shared his perspective on what this means for the AO today. He emphasized the AO's reputation for being the gold-standard in education and all its activities, the focus on excellence in patient care and outcomes – as expressed in the AO mission statement, and the truly international nature of the organization.

He also highlighted how much the AO has grown since the early days, both in geographical terms and in terms of the specialties it covers. However much the AO changes organizationally, the spirit of free and frank peer-to-peer exchange that made the AO so special 60 years ago remains a vital feature of today's AO. 

In addition to the AO Foundation's 60th anniversary, the organization is also marking 10 years of AO Trauma, "the largest group and the youngest division" as McGuire described it, noting the central role that it has played in the AO's history. 

Kodi Kojima, who chairs the AO Trauma International Board, also referred to the AO's origins, "the AO was born with trauma" before giving an overview of how the AO has developed and broadened its scope since then. In 2008, the AO responded to changing global needs by creating AO Trauma in the form it is today – still part of the whole, very much a central feature on the AO landscape – but with greater organizational capacity to respond to surgeon needs.

Kojima outlined the work that AO Trauma does globally to help surgeons develop their skills, at all levels. He stressed the fact that AO Trauma is committed to excellence with the same focus and drive that motivated the AO's founders 60 years ago. He identified several new directions for AO Trauma, including its move away from issuing certificates of attendance for courses to issuing certificates for proficiency in certain skills. In conclusion, he focused in on the AO spirit of friendship and camaraderie, elements that remain central to the experience of AO membership for all participants.


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