Stay tuned: New, one-of-a-kind AO Trauma fracture challenge courses are in the works

A new series of AO Trauma fracture challenge courses simulate real-life operating room situations.

23 March 2020

Pre-fractured courses

AO Trauma advances its continuous work to transform surgery and change patients’ lives with its new series of AO Trauma fracture challenge courses aimed at simulating real-life operating room (OR) situations.

The course rollout for these new, one-of-a-kind courses employing pre-fractured bone specimens in Europe begins soon.

Course concept

In these fracture challenge courses, experienced AO Trauma master surgeons will teach participants the optimal methods of stabilizing complex fractures. In preoperative lab sessions, each three-person group of participants will receive a pre-fractured specimen along with identical X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and 3D CT scans. and time to. The groups will then formulate a preoperative plan and take their plans into the simulated OR to treat the case according to their agreed-upon plans.

Each step of the simulated procedures will be documented with the help of the C-arm, and at the end of the wet lab session, each group will present its case, using the fluoroscopic images and the fixed pre-fractured specimen.

Course prerequisites

Course prerequisites include completion of the AO Trauma basic and advanced principles courses, active involvement in orthopedic trauma management and, preferably, at least five years of post-residency trauma surgery experience. Participants should be willing to share their ideas and able to communicate well in English.


Stay tuned for additional details so that you don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this new milestone AO event.

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