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27 November 2020

Innovations 2020 magazine

The 2020 edition of the AO Innovation Translation Center Innovations magazine is available online now. It showcases the most recent AO-approved solutions and offers exciting insights into cutting-edge treatments and new tools across all clinical areas.

The AO ITC streamlines and drives the AO's innovation projects. The developed AO approved solutions strongly support the AO's mission to advance patient care worldwide.

For trauma specifically, the magazine features the following articles:

Moreover, you will find in-depth information about the AO ITC's structure, its activities, and updates about collaborations with the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI).

Access the AO ITC Innovations magazine here.

Michael Raschke

Michael Raschke, Chairperson of the AO Technical Commission Trauma, about the recently approved solutions in Trauma:

Advanced Retrograde Femoral Nailing System
Advanced Tibial Nailing System

“The already successful Advanced Nailing System portfolio now offers solutions for extended indications for intramedullary nailing. Focusing on new nail designs and further interlocking options, the system has been expanded with the development of two further innovative nailing systems: the TN-Advanced Tibial Nailing System, and the RFN-Advanced Retrograde Femoral Nailing System.”

Clinical cases using the RIA 2 System

“The RIA 2 has been made available to surgeons in the United States and EMEA region, following its 'On Request' approval by the AO Technical Commission in April 2020. More than 800 clinical cases have been performed since then with great success.”

Hammertoe Continuous Compression Implants

“Hammertoe deformities are among the most common deformities treated by foot and ankle surgeons. In Innovations 2020, we explore the potential improvements to treatments offered by the DPS Hammertoe CCI. Currently available in the United States, a global rollout will be considered after careful evaluation.”

New Templates for the Universal Small Fragment System

“The latest technologies have been employed to deliver further support for the Universal Small Fragment System: 3D printed plating templates. They allow the evaluation of the diameter, size, and shape of the desired fixation without opening the original implant – reducing costs and intraoperative time.”

Changing concepts of clavicle internal fixation

“Clavicle fractures are increasingly treated operatively since the procedure offers the anatomic restoration of the shoulder girdle and results in far less pain postoperatively. In Innovations 2020, we outline principles underlying the rationale for this new philosophy.”

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