STaRT Soft-tissue Management Module Now Online

AO Trauma STaRT releases new Soft-tissue Management module for residents.

20 February 2019


The AO Trauma Handbook for Orthopaedic Trauma Care by Piet de Boer, Christian van der Werken and Steven J Morgan is now available for euro;84.95.

This online December 2009 bestseller on is a quick reference for the fundamentals of orthopaedic trauma care. Guided by 650 illustrations and clear information needed for the immediate assessment and management of trauma patients, this is a must-have for residents.


The AO Trauma Handbook for Statistics and Data Management: A Practical Guide for Orthopaedic Surgeons by Dirk Stengel, Mohit Bhandari and Beate Hanson is now available for euro;39.95.

A concise guide to help you improve your clinical research practice and skills: the essentials about numerical information, study designs, data storage and analysis.

More about AO Trauma STaRT

AO Trauma STaRT (Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents) is an award-winning interactive online learning hub designed to support orthopedic trauma residents with self-paced learning. It also provides residency program directors and supervisors with enriched, evidence-based material that is relevant to their learners. 
The online hub provides three distinct learning strategies appealing to different learning styles and promotes reflection. The three offerings include:

  • Interactive case discussions to enhance clinical reasoning skills and reinforce AO principles
  • Self-assessment options, like quizzes and tests, to identify personal knowledge gaps
  • Easy access to AO learning resources to help close knowledge gaps and expand on surgical knowledge

The aim of AO Trauma STaRT is to provide residents with a safe, highly interactive environment that provides feedback for learning and self-assessment. 


Access and brochure

To access AO Trauma STaRT on your desktop, laptop, or iPad, simply register at
Download the brochure and share with your hospital and colleagues today!

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