AO Trauma Davos Courses 2018 start with the faculty pre-course

Bob Fox was honored for his lifetime contributions to AO Education.

03 December 2018

Davos Couses 2018 pre-course Robert Fox

The 58th AO Foundation Davos Courses are about to start. As of today, 13 individual AO Trauma courses—including several self-directed learning modules—will provide again high-level, evidenced-based education for 810 participants from 77 countries. The courses and modules are chaired by 36 chairpersons and co-chairpersons from around the world.

With these numbers, AO Trauma Education Commission Chairperson Wa'el Taha welcomed 237 faculty members to the 2018 courses. During the faculty pre-course yesterday, Bob Fox, who has been involved in AO Education as an educationalist, coach and program developer for 15 years, focused on how to increase interaction within all segments of AO Trauma courses, including practical exercises, group discussions and lectures. Participating faculty emphasized how important interaction is for learning results, backed up by Fox's scientific data. In summary, Fox impressed on the audience that education is all about filling exercises with meaning and inspiring confidence in participants so that they can apply what they’ve learned. 

Fox was honored for his lifetime contributions to AO Education. These include his involvement in shaping AO's faculty development program into what it is today: making the best surgeons in their field also the best teachers in order to improve patient care.


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