STaRT Soft-tissue Management Module Now Online

AO Trauma STaRT releases new Soft-tissue Management module for residents.

30 November 2018

AO Trauma is proud to release the latest addition to the AO Trauma STaRT learning hub for residents— the Soft-tissue Management module

Compartment syndrome, adequate debridement, flap coverage, and prevention of surgical-site infection are some of the topics addressed in this new STaRT learning module. Authored by Amit Gupta (USA), Michael Tilley (USA), and David Volgas (USA), the new Soft-tissue Management module draws upon their extensive experience in training surgical residents. These three clinical experts developed four interactive video-based case discussions and several multiple-choice self-assessment activities where they teach the principles and current standards in the treatment of soft-tissue injuries related to skeletal trauma. 

All of the content is aligned with the learning objectives defined in the AO Trauma Residents Education Program. 
Log on to the AO Trauma STaRT website now and experience the new Soft-tissue Management module!

More about AO Trauma STaRT

AO Trauma STaRT (Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents) is an award-winning interactive online learning hub designed to support orthopedic trauma residents with self-paced learning. It also provides residency program directors and supervisors with enriched, evidence-based material that is relevant to their learners. 
The online hub provides three distinct learning strategies appealing to different learning styles and promotes reflection. The three offerings include:

  • Interactive case discussions to enhance clinical reasoning skills and reinforce AO principles
  • Self-assessment options, like quizzes and tests, to identify personal knowledge gaps
  • Easy access to AO learning resources to help close knowledge gaps and expand on surgical knowledge

The aim of AO Trauma STaRT is to provide residents with a safe, highly interactive environment that provides feedback for learning and self-assessment. 


Access and brochure

To access AO Trauma STaRT on your desktop, laptop, or iPad, simply register at
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