What AO Trauma means to me

Derek Donegan about his way with AO Trauma and AO North America (AONA).

06 September 2018

“I participated in my first AO course in 2007. It was during this course that I started to realize my passion for orthopedic trauma. Since then, I have participated in numerous AO Trauma courses as faculty. Through these experiences, as well as my encounters with other AO faculty members, I have come to appreciate the true value of the AO.”

As I am in the North American region, AONA has been a tremendous asset to my development as an orthopedic trauma surgeon, an educator, and a person. The words “friendship,” “fellowship” and “collegiality” are readily found when reading about AONA more than describe a society; they are a way of life. My involvement truly has been transformative for me.

AOTrauma represents a dedication to providing the highest quality care to patients and the highest quality education to its members. The collective wisdom within AO Trauma creates an environment where doing the right thing is the norm and not the exception. Given the influence AONA has had on me and my career, giving back through continued participation has become a part of my career.

All of these aspects have given me great respect for the AO and shaped my passion for its values and mission.

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