Call for applications for the new “Stephan Perren AO Trauma Research Traveling Fellowship”

AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (AOTESA) is pleased to announce a new fellowship initiated by Chairperson Research Committee Pol Rommens.

05 June 2018

The Stephan Perren AO Trauma Research Traveling Fellowship is intended to give young and enthusiastic researchers with specific interest in trauma care the possibility to visit the two following established research centers for two weeks each:

  • AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland
  • Julius Wolff Institute, Berlin, Germany

This fellowship offers a deep insight into ongoing musculoskeletal system research. You will get acquainted with research methods and techniques and become part of an international network of researchers and research institutes. With this experience, you gain a clearer view on what domain of research you prefer and where to start or continue your research activities.

AOTrauma aims to identify young and interested AO Trauma members who participate in AO Trauma-funded research projects.

Successful applicants will complete a two-week visit at the AO Research Institute Davos and a two- week visit at the Julius Wolff Institute in Berlin. The fellowship grant is endowed with CHF 4,000 as a lump sum to cover traveling and hosting expenses for the four weeks. A final report of the fellowship must be sent to the Chairperson Research Committee AOTESA within one month after completing the fellowship. 

Eligibility criteria

Successful applicants are:

  • Enthusiastic researchers under 45 years with specific interest in trauma care
  • Orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons or surgeons in training
  • AO Trauma member

Furthermore, they have:

  • Attended an AO Trauma Basic and Advanced Principles course
  • Initial experience with clinical and basic research activities; first authorship of a clinical or basic research article; or involvement in a project in the field of musculoskeletal trauma or diseases

To apply, please:

  • Fill-in all required fields under the online submission link
  • Provide a letter of intent with argumentation of initiative and description of preferred professional career
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from an AO Trauma country council member of your country and from the chief of department

How will the fellows be selected?

AOTESA research reviewing group will carefully review all applications and select the fellows based on the eligibility criteria.
The candidates will be informed by the AOTESA office about the outcome by August/September 2018.
After completing this fellowship and in case of aptitude, there is the possibility of becoming a long-term fellow in one of the institutes.


The online application for AO Trauma S. Perren Fellowships in 2019 is now closed.

The application process for the S. Perren Fellowship program 2020 will start beginning of 2019.

For further questions, please contact:  

We look forward to your submission.

Pol Rommens 
Chairperson Resarch Committee AO Trauma Europa and Southern Africa

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