Improving clinical outcome measurements of fracture treatment

With the new AO Trauma Clinical Priority Program (CPP) Patient Outcome, orthopedic surgeons and scientists recognize the importance of outcome measurement in fracture treatment.

12 April 2019

AOTrauma CPP

Group picture of participants in the AO Trauma Clinical Priority Program (CPP) on patient outcome kick-off meeting

In order to further the goal of expanding clinical knowledge, AO Trauma has established a new Clinical Priority Program (CPP) with six projects focusing on the patient outcome.

The first investigator meeting of the AO Trauma CPP Patient Outcome took place March 3, 2019, in Boston (US). The consortium aims to produce a comprehensive body of patient outcome research involving patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement and technology-enabled patient-derived gait measurement to advance knowledge, clinical applications, and decision-making in extremity fracture treatment, aftercare, and rehabilitation.

A total of 3,500 patients—700 for each of five fracture types: hip fractures, tibial shaft fractures, ankle/pilon fractures, proximal humerus fractures, and distal radius fractures—from 12 locations in Europe and the United States will be involved in the study.

“It is the start of an exciting five-year collaboration to improve patient treatment”

Marilyn Heng, CPP Patient Outcome core team leader

"The meeting was the occasion to have an open discussion about the projects, to define timelines and plan next steps," said CPP Patient Outcome core team leader Marilyn Heng. "It is the start of an exciting five-year collaboration to improve patient treatment."

AO Trauma CPPs were started to improve patient care worldwide by delivering competency-based, state-of-the-art learning experiences and educated faculty to health-care providers globally.

Core team leader

AOTrauma CPP

Marilyn Heng

Boston, United States

Core team members

AOTrauma CPP

Tim Pohlemann

Homburg, Germany

AOTrauma CPP

Mark Vrahas

Los Angeles, United States

AOTrauma CPP

Benedikt Braun

Homburg, Germany

AOTrauma CPP

Prakash Jayakumar

Austin, United States

In collaboration with:

Barts Health, The Royal London Hospital & UCL Partners, United Kingdom

BG Trauma Center Murnau, Germany

BG Trauma Center Tübingen, Germany

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, United States

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, United States

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Fundación de Santa Fe, Colombia

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany

Institute for Work and Health, Canada

Massachusetts General Hospital, United States

McMaster University, Canada

Northwestern University, United States

Saarland University Hospital, Germany

University Hospital Freiburg, Germany

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

University of Texas at Austin, United States

Wilhelminenspital, Austria

AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID), Switzerland

AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), Switzerland

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