The Successful AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa Masters Courses will be continued in 2020


22 October 2019

Meet the experts at your doorstep—a new set of the AO Trauma Europe Masters Courses will be conducted in 2020

For the past decade, AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (AO TESA) has supported the continuing professional development of orthopedic and trauma surgeons in Europe with its Europe Masters Courses. AO Trauma is pleased to announce that it will conduct these successful AO TESA Masters Courses again in 2020.

In-depth, detailed, and relevant

The AO TESA Masters Courses help surgeons to address the difficult patient problems they face in their daily practices. They feature in-depth discussions, detailing advanced clinical problems and techniques, and also include high-level, open group discussions that are led by experts. Case analyses with feedback sessions and practical exercises with anatomical specimen dissections provide participants with the opportunity to explore more advanced treatment methods.

The courses also serve as a catalyst in bringing specialists from European countries together to work collectively, by sharing best practices and experiences.

For more details, updates, and registration, please click on the title of individual courses in the course program table below:

AO TESA European Masters Courses with Anatomical Specimen Dissections

Title Location Date Chairperson Chairperson
Amsterdam (NL)
March 2-3
Mark Jackson (UK)
Yes Harder (CH)
Management of Fractures of the Hand and Wrist
Szeged (HU)
June 3-4
Matej Kastelec (SL)
Daniel Rikli (CH)
Pediatric Fracture Management
Bristol (UK)
June 15-16
Fergal Monsell (UK)
Arnold Besselaar (NL)
Fractures around the Knee Hamburg (DE)
Sept 4-5
Michael Raschke (DE) Karl-Heinz Frosch (DE)
Bone Reconstruction
Basel (CH)
Sept 8-9
Iain McFadyen (UK)
Martin Poeze (NL)
Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Management
Tampere (FI)
Oct 14-15
Axel Gänsslen (DE)
Jan Lindahl (FI)


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