AO Trauma elects education, research and Asia Pacific chairs

In votings conducted during the past months, AO Trauma members elected new chairpersons for the AO Trauma Education Committee (AO TEC), AO Trauma Research Commission (AO TRC), and the AO Trauma Asia Pacific Board (AO TAPB).

18 December 2019

AOTrauma Election Results

The election process was monitored and the results were approved by the AO Trauma Nomination Committee. All candidates have been elected in line with the respective Terms of Reference and confirmed by the mandated governance bodies.

AO Trauma Education Commission

Mark Reilly (United States) will begin his term as AO TEC chairperson-elect after the AO Trustees Meeting 2020, with his non-renewable, four-year term as AO TEC chairperson beginning after the AO Trustees Meeting 2021. Reilly, a professor of orthopedics at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and chief of the orthopedic trauma service for University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, has been involved with the AO since 1993, when he attended the basic principles course. In 1996, he taught his first AO course, and has been a faculty member or chairperson for nearly 200 AO courses. In his role as chairperson of AO Trauma North America, Reilly was a member of the AO Trauma International Board (AO TIB) from 2015–2018. He says he is “highly committed to surgeon education” and “eager to take the challenge to go forward with the spirit of our founders.

AO Trauma Research Commission

Pol Rommens (Germany), the new AO TRC chairperson-elect, begins his term in July 2020 as the successor to AO TRC Chairperson Berton Roy Moed (United States). Rommens, who has 30 years of professional experience in trauma care, has authored and coauthored more than 500 publications and been editor of seven printed books. Since 2017, he has been AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (AO TESA) Research Committee chairperson, a role he will resign in order to fully dedicate himself to his new role. Rommens said he is committed to “discovery, translation, evidence,” adding that “there is still a lot of potential in the field of trauma care.”

AO Trauma Asia Pacific Board Chairperson

Takeshi Sawaguchi (Japan) will begin his term as AO TAPB chairperson-elect after the AO Trustees Meeting 2020. His non-renewable, three-year term as AO TAPB chairperson will begin after the AO Trustees Meeting 2021. Sawaguchi is a professor in the Kanazawa University School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and vice director of the Toyama Municipal Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Joint Reconstructive Surgery. He attended the AO basic principles courses in 1984 and has been an active AO faculty member ever since. Moreover, he was an AO Trustee from 2007–2011, AO Trauma Japan Council chairperson from 2009–2019, and a member of the AO Technical Commission (AO TC) Asia Surgeon Working Group from 2004-2009 and AO TC Pelvic Expert Group from 2009–2014.


AO Trauma and the AO TIB congratulate Reilly, Rommens and Sawaguchi as they take on these important and prestigious new roles and wish them every success during their terms.

Additionally, AO Trauma Nomination Committee members Kodi Kojima, Wael Taha, Berton Roy Moed thank all AO Trauma members who actively participated in the elections.

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