The new RIA 2 Reamer-Irrigator-Aspirator in the spotlight 

Innovations 2019: bringing you the latest in AO approved solutions

04 December 2019

In this new edition of Innovations magazine from the AO Technical Commission, Hans Christoph Pape focuses on the new RIA 2 System.

This next generation reamer-irrigator-aspirator device is intended for use in adults and adolescents, to clear the medullary canal of bone marrow and debris and to enlarge it for the insertion of an intramedullary implant or prosthesis, to harvest morselized autogenous bone and bone marrow for grafting, and to remove infected or necrotic bone and tissue from the medullary canal in the treatment of osteomyelitis.

In his article, Hans Christoph Pape describes the RIA 2 System in detail and explores the ways in which it improves on the RIA 1.

These enhancements are designed to boost intraoperative flexibility, improve anatomical access, streamline hospital inventory, and reduce preoperative complexity. The RIA 2 also offers simplified assembly and handling, compared to the RIA 1.

Making bone grafting more efficient, reducing complications (residual pain, nerve injury) during reaming, improving infection management all offer patients an improved treatment journey, and the reduced procedure time and inventory burden offers cost savings to care providers.

The RIA Task Force, a group of nine internationally renowned trauma and orthopedic surgeons, provided expert clinical guidance throughout the development of the RIA 2.

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