AOTrauma STaRT

AO’s interactive learning hub for Surgical Training and Assessment for Residents.

"AOTrauma STaRT provides residents with up-to-date educational materials in an interactive, online format. It allows residents to learn orthopedic trauma from the world’s experts at the click of a mouse."

James Krieg, AOTrauma STaRT Executive Editor

Aligned with the AOTrauma Educational Program for Residents, AOTrauma STaRT is built around defined learning objectives and targeted to meet the needs of residents.

The AOTrauma STaRT modules are based on typical patient problems, making it easier for residents to directly apply what they learn to their daily practices. All content is organized into different levels of knowledge addressing the clinical scenarios residents face throughout their residencies.

AOTrauma STaRT is free of charge and easy to use.

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Improve surgical skills and clinical decision-making

One of the residents’ main challenges is lack of time for learning and skills development. AOTrauma STaRT provides easy access to relevant information that:

  • Supports self-directed learning

  • Reinforces basic principles to facilitate effective clinical decision-making

  • Complements formal educational offerings of certifying bodies and teaching hospitals

Engage in interactive case discussions

Short, focused video-based clinical case discussions are delivered by experienced international surgeons. Interactive case discussions promote learning based on common patient problems. 

Case discussions are available in three levels: basic, intermediate, or complex.

Identify knowledge gaps

Two different options for self-assessment based on multiple-choice questions are available in AOTrauma STaRT:

  • Quizzes: best suited for learning. Provide immediate feedback to answers.

  • Self-assessment modules: ideal for identifying personal knowledge gaps. Summary of results is provided only upon completion.

Easy access to AO resources

The learning material section of AOTrauma STaRT provides an overview of the vast repository of AO learning resources.

AOTrauma STaRT’s recognitions

AOTrauma STaRT has been recognized multiple times as an award-winning interactive learning resource by three prestigious competitions in the field of rich media and digital healthcare.

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