AO Trauma’s competency-based curricula are developed in a backward-planning process, ensuring that our education is focused on addressing patient problems and improving patient care.


A competency is a unique combination of knowledge, skill, and/or attitude that enables a professional to perform effectively in his or her practice setting while meeting the standards of the profession.

Our curricula holistically target all three aspects of competency to sustainably impact patient health.

AO Trauma Curricula 

AO Trauma’s backward-planning concept

  • What are the specific patient problems in this clinical area?

  • What must a surgeon be able to do to address these problems?

Competency-based curriculum development follows a backward-planning process, beginning with the question about specific patient problems in this clinical area. Collaborative expert input is the foundation for building exceptional educational activities, integrating sound adult education concepts. A robust global framework supports the consistent delivery of core concepts globally and the adherence to highest-quality standards. In order to continuously integrate new best practices from educational research, the programs are dynamic and subject to a continuous improvement process, fueled by ongoing assessment and evaluation. 

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