Lower extremity curriculum

The lower extremity taskforce started its work in 2019 developing a comprehensive curriculum for practicing surgeons aiming to deepen or update their knowledge in lower extremity fracture treatment.

Lower extremity education taskforce

The Lower extremity education taskforce is a group of experts who build and continously improve our educational program. It consists of three international program editors (IPEs).

Marco Berlusconi

Marco Berlusconi (CH)

Term: 2019–2022

Lisa Blackrick

Lisa Blackrick (US)

Term: 2012–2024

Robinson Esteves

Robinson Esteves (BR)

Term: 2012–2024

See a full list of all regional program contributors and past international program editors.


To address feedback or questions to this education taskforce, email the Curriculum Development Manager Kokeb Andenmatten or templates@aotrauma.org.

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