AO Davos Courses 2018—a review

AOTrauma has successful two weeks at the AO Davos Courses 2018

14 December 2018

AO Davos Courses 2018: Robert Fox

AOTrauma has concluded a successful two weeks at the AO Davos Courses 2018. In addition to the special events held during this year's courses to mark the AO Foundation's 60th anniversary, this year also saw AOTrauma mark its own first decade as a clinical division.

In the AO Davos Courses 2018, AOTrauma offered 13 courses, including several self-directed learning modules, offering high-level, evidence-based education to 810 participants from 77 countries.

The courses kicked off with a pre-course event led by Robert Fox, who has been involved in AO Education as an education leader, coach, and program developer for 15 years. Fox was honored for his lifetime contributions to AO Education, in particular for his role shaping AO's faculty development program into what it is today – a system that offers the world's best surgeons the chance to become the best teachers in their field, all working towards excellence in patient care.

This year's AO Davos Courses also saw the first ever winners receive the AOTrauma Innovation in Education award. Klaus Dresing and his VirtX-team's "Virtual-reality-simulator for teaching radiation hazards prevention" will make future education possible without x-rays and will significantly help reduce cancer risks for surgeons.

AOTrauma participants took advantage of outstanding opportunities to network and share experiences during the side events. The ever-popular Fireside Chat events offered course participants the chance to discuss particularly challenging cases in an informal atmosphere. The Fellows' Reception saw lively debate between current and past fellows and AOTrauma International Board Chairperson Kodi Kojima, AOTrauma Community Development Commission Chairperson Samir Mehta, and AOTrauma Education Commission Chairperson Wa'el Taha.

A much-needed new AOTrauma publication exploring the latest techniques and implants in wrist surgery was launched in the AO World area during this year's first week of the courses: The Manual of Fracture ManagementWrist. The second week saw the launch of the book Osteoporotic Fracture Care—Medical and Surgical Management, another pioneering AOTrauma publication.

During the second week, AOTrauma also offered a dedicated course specifically aimed at Swiss residents as well as the second joint AOTrauma/AORecon Course—Comprehensive Periprosthetic Fracture Management of the Hip and Knee. Faculty and participants all gave excellent feedback.

Each week participants were invited to mingle in an informal atmosphere at AO World Night, offering the chance to network while also learning more about Swiss cuisine, identity, and culture.

For AOTrauma, the chance to mark its 10-year anniversary at the same time that the AO Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary was a particular honor. AO Foundation President Robert McGuire stressed the central role that AOTrauma has played in the AO since the earliest days.

There was another chance to reflect on AOTrauma's journey as part of the AO, at the AOTrauma member apero, which saw speeches given by Samir Mehta and Michael Wagner (who chaired the first AOTrauma Transition Board). Wagner brought to mind important milestones, overcome challenges, and the successes AOTrauma achieved, following its early value statements: excellence in trauma care, empowering the next generation, and earning trust through transparency and mutual respect.

A warm thank you to all faculty, course participants, and staff making the AOTrauma Davos Courses 2018 a big success.

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