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30 November 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of the redesigned AOTrauma website. We believe that it is a first important step within AOTrauma's digital strategy and to better meet the needs of our community.

Our goal with this newly designed website is to provide you a more user-friendly browsing experience, easy navigation, and ability to access content from mobile devices.

After many hours of hard work by more than 20 involved people, the fresh and modern AOTrauma website now contains 56 new pages with over 80 new pictures in three different formats, more than 30 new icons, one new interactive timeline, a new video, and both new and well-known, reviewed content in a new, aligned structure (information architecture/sitemap). 
We are excited to introduce you to our new look, designed to help you more easily find the topics you are interested in and to go deeper into content and services that meet your particular needs.
We hope you enjoy our new AOTrauma website.

What is new?

  • Modern design
  • Available on any platform: Responsiveness on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Ease of use: We have extended and improved the search engine.
  • Easier to follow your interests: We’ve reorganized our website so that it becomes easier to find the things you most want to see. 
  • More AOTrauma voices: Read and listen to the AOTrauma community today and in upcoming stories and videos.

What will you find where?

You will find the latest updates and interesting stories in the carousel on the homepage. And there are direct links to your most wanted topics, like AO Videos, AO Surgery Reference, and AO/OTA Classification, as well as more AOTrauma educational offerings and services waiting to be discovered. 

Did you know we turned ten years old this year? Learn about AOTrauma's history and how our strategy helps us to follow the AO Foundation's mission. Meet the active AOTrauma regions and our committed team members and understand how AOTrauma is organized. Find your way easily to our key activities. 

Besides relevant knowledge on how we approach education, how we build our curricula and about our quality promises, you can search for the next educational event in your region and learn how to apply for an AOTrauma Fellowship or more about our faculty pathways.

Clinical library and tools
This is the one-stop-shop for all your needs. Easily access AOTrauma's reference and self-directed learning tools, see our important books and publications and get our mobile apps. Explore our learning hubs like AOTrauma STaRT and AOPEER and enjoy member accessible offerings like recorded webinars and e-learning modules. Not a member yet? 

Find out more about AOTrauma's Clinical Priority Programs, our collaboration with the AO Institutes, explore AOPEER—our research learning platform—and apply for a research fellowship.

All you need to know about how to join AOTrauma, the largest global network of trauma surgeons, operating room personal (ORP), and researchers. Find out how to get involved and how to benefit for your career, and explore our member privileges and what makes AOTrauma special. 

We hope you find our new AOTrauma website engaging and useful; we worked hard to make sure it contains all the information you need but adjusting to the new structure might take some time. We invite you to provide feedback about your experience with the website. We will work to constantly improve it in future.

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