What we do

AOTrauma contributes to medicine, following a dedicated strategy by educating surgeons, researchers, and operating room personnel (ORP), conducting and funding clinical and translational research, and facilitating networking, dialogue, and collaboration across the AOTrauma community.

AOTrauma strategy

The AOTrauma strategy was developed by all governing boards and commissions, regions, and operational staff, and serves to ensure that AOTrauma continues to be the leader in knowledge development and transfer in musculoskeletal orthopedic trauma care.

Five goals and several associated objectives guarantee that AOTrauma delivers high-quality education, leads the way and provides support through its diverse tools and resources.

This strategy encompasses goals and projects from 2017–2019. A key message document defines its implementation and communication to all AOTrauma stakeholders.


Key messages for effective AOTrauma communications

In order to deliver clear, consistent, and compelling messages about AOTrauma to all stakeholders, AOTrauma has established a key message document.

AOTrauma Key Message Document (officers only)

Our key activities

AOTrauma education

AOTrauma is committed to improving patient care through high-quality education.

AOTrauma research

Explore funding opportunities, research fields, learning tools, and more.

AOTrauma membership

Explore what AOTrauma membership offers you, expand your network and make friends for life.

Fernando de la Huerta
“The benefits of being an AOTrauma member are substantial. I value the opportunity to improve my teaching skills and enhance the success in surgical outcomes, to be a better surgeon.”

Fernando de la Huerta (MX)

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