Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is the course registration closed? 

    The course registration may not yet be open. If you would like to register for a course that is "closed", please contact the course manager ("contact person") listed in the event for more information. 

  • How can I register for courses in North America?

    Since AONA uses a different course management system, please visit or contact for course registration in North America.

  • How do I find the annual AOTrauma course schedule?

    All AOTrauma courses are listed on the AOTrauma website under Education > Events and Courses. There, you can narrow your search by filtering the list using the terms on the left-hand side underneath the navigation.

  • How can I find AO activities in my country? 

    In the AOTrauma course list, you can set a country filter on the left-hand side underneath the navigation. You can also filter by other categories, eg, language, or level.

  • How can I find a course sponsor?
    AOTrauma does not sponsor courses. In order to find a course sponsor, please contact your employer, or industry partners. 
  • What is my username and login? 

    On the login window next to the password field, there is a "forgot my password" link. Please use this link to reset your password, or contact for further support. 

Online and mobile education

  • In what languages is AO Surgery Reference available?

    All AO Surgery Reference contents is available in English. Some modules are available in Spanish and Chinese. To find the Chinese / Spanish modules, set your default browser language to Spanish, or Chinese respectively. Further translations are ongoing continuously.

Webinars and webcasts

  • Are webinars/webcasts accessible after their live transmission? 

    Yes, after live transmission, the archived and edited versions of all webinars and webcasts will be available on AO Videos (members only).

  • Which technical equipment do I need to be able to watch a webinar?

    You need the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. We recommend you perform a function test and check the system requirements to ensure your computer is ready to support the webinar.

  • What do I do if the system does not run even after the function test?

    Approach the IT specialist at your place of work for support.

  • Can I watch a webinar on my smartphone/iPad?

    Yes, simply download the apps onto your smartphone/iPad.

  • Where can I find information on the upcoming webinars?

    All upcoming webinars are listed on our homepage.


  • How can I attend the AOTrauma Faculty Education Program (FEP)?

    You have to be nominated from your regional education committee/officer and fulfill the following requirements:   

    • Paying AOTrauma member
    • Have completed the Principles and Advances courses as a participant
    • Have a faculty assignment scheduled
    • Very good knowledge of the language in which they will teach
  • How can I attend the AOTrauma Chairperson Training Program (CTP)?

    You have to be nominated from your regional education committee/officer and fulfill the following requirements:

    • Experienced faculty who have demonstrated success in teaching
    • Highly motivated
    • Actively involved in regional education activities
    • Have a chair assignment scheduled for a Principles or Advances national course (using the template) or another national course that uses a template program, eg, Orthogeriatrics, ORP
    • Need to have attended a FEP


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