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Discover AO Trauma’s leading global orthopedic network with a unique culture of surgeon leadership, camaraderie and mutual respect. Benefit from AO Trauma's member privileges, and the great career path opportunities for trauma surgeons, operating room personal (ORP), and researchers.

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Discover the world’s largest trauma and orthopedic community.

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Learn about the range of privileges for our AO Trauma members. 

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AO Trauma’s network

Meet like-minded individuals who dedicate their lives to improve patient care worldwide—just like you

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Valuable tools and resources

Experience our 3-D human anatomy software, e-learning, mobile applications, and more.

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AO Trauma fellowship

Explore unique opportunities to learn from renowned faculty and experience the AO Trauma spirit in one of our fellowship centers.

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Why becoming an AO Trauma member?


”It is great to meet experts and to have friendly chats with them and not to be afraid to ask questions.“

Inese Breide (LV)

AO Trauma is an organization with over 9,000 trauma professionals worldwide who are dedicated to the advancement of trauma care through education, mentorship and research. 
Each year, AO Trauma organizes more than 400 events worldwide with over 5,000 faculty, educating more than 30,000 surgeons.

Next to a passion for excellence, members of the AO Trauma community share a spirit of volunteerism and camaraderie and a desire to advance the care of musculoskeletal trauma patients all over the world.

As an AO Trauma member, you will connect to a world of opportunities as you engage with an international group of accomplished, innovative, and like-minded trauma colleagues.

The value of being AO Trauma member:

“AO Trauma membership will connect you with thousands of professionals worldwide. It's your chance to build your network, develop your skills, be a part of the world of trauma, and join this growing worldwide organization.”

Samir Mehta, AO Trauma Community Development Chairperson

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